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Win the £50 jackpot on ScratchandMatch for free with our scratch card game. We give you two chances every day to win the jackpot and a variety of cash prizes all for free. Just scratch off the symbols to win and the money is yours. Win £50 for free on ScratchandMatch.
Win cash now! Win £50 instantly for free now!
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The traditional Scratch Card which is also known as a Scratch-Off, Scratch Ticket, Scratcher, Scratch Game or Scratch-It is a small token or square usually made from cardboard. There is a grid printed on the cardboard which is concealed by a special material that can be scratched off. Printed in each of the grids are numbers or symbols. The idea of the game is to get three of the same numbers or symbols in a row in order to win the big prize, by scratching off three adjacent squares.
The first instant win scratch card was devised in 1974 it was called The Instant Game and was printed by a company called the Dittley Brothers Lottery Division. It was used by the Massachusetts State lottery to raise money for the local Government and as something like it had never been seen before it proved very successful.

ScratchandMatch marries the traditional with the new to give you the chance to win yourself some extra spending money with Scratch and Match and an instant £50. See if you can win with our scratch card game and get some extra cash and it’s completely free. Win £50 on Fair Exchange, it just takes minutes.

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